"After taking several of Alexis's classes over a year, I started individual training with her as well. She is very focused on correct form which ensures you never have a wasted moment during a workout. Her approach is encouraging but not patronizing, and my cardio strength has definitely improved."  


"I and my wife started taking guidance and training from Frank since last winter. Frank has all good qualities of a great coach. He is very sincere, meticulous, dedicated, and focused . Frank helps you first define your goals, and later closely works with you when it comes to execution. He meticulously keeps track of progress, and helps you stay on course by encouragements and gradually bringing in challenges. I admire Frank's sincerity, dedication, passion and patience. To us, Frank is a great person and a great trainer. He is the best trainer in town."

Vivek and Rina

I started working with Alexis three months ago after spending months with self training. I have been nothing less than astonished at the results. My cardio fitness, physical strength and stamina have all increased dramatically. I can't wait to see what Alexis will enable me to achieve as I move forward with her. You can't go wrong with her as your trainer.


Here we are in our early 70’s, the two of us on the side with our old California friends in the middle, still hiking and enjoying the out of doors. We simply would not be able to do this without the help of Frank Lech who is keeping us in great shape. Frank is the consummate pro. He knows every trick in the exercise book and he is able to tweak every exercise to get the most out of our creaky old bods. It’s a real joy to work out with him. And you have to know that I (Peter) never used to exercise and that 10 years ago I could not do a single push up. So yes, you too can get into shape, if you take it seriously.

Peter and Jo W. Baer

"Alexis is more than just a great personal trainer....she is a great person as well. She is very encouraging and has the right words for ME to stay motivated (which is hard to do if I'm your student). Unlike other personal trainers I have had, I know I have her full attention. On days that I workout with her I might start off frustrated or stressed from work but by the end of our session I'm smiling and laughing."


"Frank's dedication, motivation and patience are why he is invaluable to me. My goal was to add strength and to a more toned body. I'm 40-something and I had noticed some changes that can occur if you're not working out on a regular basis. Frank customizes my workouts for someone my age, taking into account what my goals are. I actually look forward to my workouts and always feel better about myself afterwards. Frank takes the time to assess each person he trains. If someone wants to lose weight by training with him he not only helps them in the gym, but he can help them with dietary information and guidance as well."

Laura T.

"I have been working with Alexis since January (2013). I first started working with her as part of a New Year's resolution to start a fitness routine. Here it is August and I am still working out with her twice a week on my lunch break from work. Alexis is wonderful. She motivates me and as someone else has commented my 30 minutes with her takes the stress away from work and I go back energized for the rest of the afternoon. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and targets each of those areas. She has patience with my abilities, but pushes me to extend myself."