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My personal training philosophy:

I believe most exercise programs on the market are great for people who are already very fit, but not properly formatted for those who are new to fitness, returning from an injury, have poor flexibility, or just getting back into shape. This leads to unnecessary pain, stress, and burnout. While soreness can be expected, your workout should not leave you debilitated for the rest of the day (or week). It should provide an adequate stimulus for change, using exercises and equipment appropriate for your ability, specifically targeting your weaknesses, and gradually progressing as you gain fitness. You should feel a sense of accomplishment the end of a workout, not weak or inadequate. This does not mean easy. My workouts are not easy.

What sets me apart from other personal trainers?

A full commitment to YOUR goals, not mine. If your goal is improved health and well-being, I’m not going to put you on a scale each week (but if your only goal is to lose 10 pounds this month, then you can count on it). If you’re a vegetarian, I won't to try and persuade you to eat paleo. In fact, I don’t support a specific “diet” for anybody. The truth is – ANY diet and exercise program can work for anybody. The key is that you must enjoy it, believe in it, and be consistent. The most important factor in achieving your goal is consistency, and the fastest way to become inconsistent is to do workouts you don’t like, don’t understand, and that are geared towards results you didn’t want in the first place. Everyone has different reasons to exercise, and my job is to devise a plan that works best for you.
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"With Frank's motivation and guidance...I was finally able to get myself down to my medically ideal weight."

"Frank is a great person and a great trainer. He is the best trainer in town."
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"Frank is the consummate pro...It’s a real joy to work out with him."

"I actually look forward to my workouts and always feel better about myself afterwards."

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